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Short-term treatments can only do so much when you’re in constant pain. That’s why Narinder Grewal, MD, and the expert pain management specialists at Advanced Pain Management in Valencia, California, deliver continuous pain medication through narcotic infusion pump implants. These implants continuously release medication directly into the source of pain, so you can get the relief you need. To learn more, call Advanced Pain Management or schedule an appointment online.

Narcotic Infusion Pump Implant Q & A

What is a narcotic infusion pump implant?

A narcotic infusion pump implant delivers targeted medication into the fluid-filled area around the spinal cord to alleviate chronic pain. 

This groundbreaking pump slowly releases pain-relieving medication directly to the spinal cord and brain, often in lower doses than traditional oral medication. 

Which types of pain does a narcotic infusion pump implant treat?

You may be a good candidate for a narcotic infusion pump implant if you suffer from:

Back pain

A narcotic infusion pump implant can reduce chronic back pain if alternative therapies have failed to provide lasting relief.

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy

This progressive nervous system disease causes chronic burning pain, typically in the arms and legs. 

Chronic pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatitis causes constant abdominal pain due to a blockage or inflammation of the bile duct.

Brain or spinal cord injury

A narcotic pump can help minimize muscle spasms and rigidity caused by spinal cord or brain injuries.

Cancer pain

In many cases, cancerous tumors compress spinal nerves and cause chronic pain. 

How does a narcotic infusion pump implant work?

The pump releases a certain amount of medication, programmed by your doctor, near the spinal cord to alleviate pain. It can also release different amounts of medication depending on the time of day. 

Because the medication is targeted, it blocks your pain signals before they have a chance to reach your brain.

Your doctor programs the pump to meet your unique needs, so your treatment can be customized. When the pump runs out of medication, return to Advanced Pain Management to have it refilled.

What is the narcotic infusion pump implant surgery like?

Before the implant surgery, you’ll come into Advanced Pain Management for a series of tests, including X-rays, an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), and a blood test, to determine whether an infusion pump is right for you.

It’s important to avoid eating or drinking the night before the procedure. When you arrive the next morning, you’re given anesthesia to prepare for the surgery. In total, the operation takes approximately three to four hours.

Once you’re full unconscious, the surgical team shifts you onto your side and makes a small incision in the middle of your back to place the catheter, which delivers your medication, into the intrathecal space near your spinal cord.

Next, an extension catheter is attached to the infusion pump, which is then positioned near your abdominal muscles. After the surgery, you must rest in the postoperative recovery area before you’re discharged.

For the next few days, ice the incision area for about 20 minutes, three to four times a day, to reduce swelling. Over the coming weeks and months, you should experience a significant reduction in chronic pain.

For more information on the narcotic infusion pump process, call Advanced Pain Management or book an appointment online