Joint Injection in Santa Clarita

For certain joint pain commonly related to arthritis, Dr. Grewal may recommend a joint injection to provide short relief from pain or inflammation. Typically, a medication, usually a steroid, is injected into the joint. For most patients, the injection can reduce pain and swelling in and around the joint.

What to Expect During Treatment

The procedure for a joint injection is mostly straight forward. Dr. Grewal ensures that patients understand where he will place the needle and how he determines the best placement for pain relief. For accuracy, the needle is placed in the specified target area to give the patient relief from pain.

After Treatment

Patients often experience a decrease in inflammation and joint stiffness for a few months after treatment. Many patients are able to move with greater ease and less discomfort. The positive results of the steroid treatment is temporary and patients may find it necessary to have routine visits with Dr. Grewal to manage their arthritis-related joint pain. However, patients with milder conditions may experience long-term pain relief after a joint injection.

Common Conditions

Patients who typically benefit from joint injections experience inflammatory conditions such as

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • psoriatic arthritis
  • gout
  • tendonitis
  • bursitis
  • osteoarthritis

Dr. Grewal works directly with patients who are diagnosed with inflammatory conditions and treats each patient with individual care and expertise. His goal is to help each patient find the best option for pain relief and to live life fully.

Joint injections, along with other forms of pain therapy, can help relieve pain temporarily. To find out if joint injections are right for you, please contact our office at 661-288-7978.