Facet Joint Injection in Santa Clarita

The spine is made up of small joints at each segment called facet joints. These small joints provide stability and guide motion within the spine. Often arthritis of the spine or another back injury can cause the facet joints to become painful and require treatment from a joint pain expert in Santa Clarita, CA. Patients who experience such joint pain can benefit from facet joint injections with our experienced pain specialist.

What to Expect

A facet joint procedure is minimally invasive and performed in our Patient Surgery Center. Most pain management specialists will use fluoroscopy or live x-ray for accurate placing of the injection needle. Sedation options is available if needed. Once the patient is prepped and ready, Dr. Grewal will insert the injection, which only takes a few minutes. The overall procedure usually only takes 30 minutes to complete.

Benefits of Facet Joints Injections

Facet joint injections serve two purposes: to diagnose the location of the pain and provide pain relief.

Determine pain location. By inserting the numbing agent into a specific area of the spine, Dr. Grewal can accurately ascertain if the facet joint is the source of pain based on the amount of relief the patient feels.

Pain relief. If patient's pain is relieved for 4-6 hours then patient is a candidate for Radiofrequency Treatment of Facet Joints for 6-9 month of pain relief

Consulting a Specialist

As with any pain relief procedure, it is important to consult with a facet joint pain physician such as Dr. Grewal to determine if facet joint pain is the cause of discomfort. Dr. Grewal has over twenty years of experience helping patients find pain relief in the Santa Clarita area.

If you experience facet joint pain, please contact our office in Santa Clarita CA to schedule an appointment at 661-288-7978. We look forward to the opportunity to help you reduce or eliminate your facet joint pain and get back to life.