Nerve Block in Santa Clarita

Nerve blocks are used to treat or manage pain caused by a group of nerves referred to as plexus or ganglion. Our nerve block specialist, Dr. Grewal, may insert the nerve-numbing medication and steriod solution directly into a specific part of the body. There are numerous treatment options and types of nerve blocks for patients.

Treatment Options

There are many possible nerve block treatment options. In some cases, nerve blocks can help patients avoid surgery. For most patients, it helps to treat their current pain condition or discover the source of pain.

Therapeutic Nerve Blocks. For patients experiencing painful conditions, Dr. Grewal may insert a therapeutic nerve block which contains a local anesthetic and steriod that can control acute pain.

Diagnostic Nerve Blocks. To determine the source of pain, our specialist may use a diagnostic nerve block that uses an anesthetic with a known span of relief.

Nerve blocks can help relieve pain in various parts of the body from head to toe. Consulting with a specialist like Dr. Grewal will allow patients to determine the best type of nerve block for them. Nerve blocks are not for all pain relief, so it is best to have an experienced nerve block specialist to determine if nerve block treatment is right for you.

To schedule your appointment to evaluate if nerve pain is the source of your pain and begin healing, contact our office in Santa Clarita, CA at 661-288-7978.