Myofascial Trigger Point Injection in Santa Clarita

A myofascial trigger point injection can be beneficial for patients who suffer from chronic muscle pain. The injection can especially help relieve lower back, mid back, or neck pain. Dr. Grewal works directly with patients to determine if a myofascial trigger point injection is the best treatment option to help reduce or eliminate their pain and muscle spasms.

Understanding Myofascial Trigger Point Injections

Patients with myofascial trigger syndrome experience pressure on sensitive points in their muscles or trigger points. This pressure is generally caused by repetitive motions from work or hobbies or stress-related muscle tension. Patients often feel deep muscle pain, consistent pain that worsens, or difficulty sleeping. Dr. Grewal understands the frustration with chronic muscle pain. He evaluates patients with compassionate care to discover the source of pain and the best placement for the injection filled with either an anesthetic or steroid.

Myofascial trigger point injections only take a few minutes and multiple points can be treated during one visit with Dr. Grewal. It is common for patients to feel a soreness or numbness at the injection site.

After the procedure, patients can return to routine activities.

Schedule Your Myofascial Trigger Point Injection

Patients who have tried physical therapy or other pain relief options without results may benefit from a myofascial trigger point injection. To find out if a myofascial trigger point injection is the best pain relief option for you, schedule your appointment with our specialist in Santa Clarita at 661-288-7978.