Chronic Pain Management in Santa Clarita

For many with chronic pain it may seem like there is little hope for relief. The Centers for Disease Control lists chronic pain as the number one reason adults visit the doctor in the U.S. Dr. Grewal understands the frustration patients feel when trying to find the best solution for their chronic pain and offers multiple chronic pain management solutions for each patient's unique pain relief needs.

Treatment Options

For many patients, general chronic pain options help relieve symptoms and allow them to get back to enjoying their daily life. Often medications either over the counter or prescriptions can help patients in Santa Clarita find relief from their constant pain. However, there are times that other options are necessary and require an appointment with a chronic pain management specialist like Dr. Grewal.

Often patients desire to manage their chronic pain without medicine. Physical therapy or regularly exercising can help relieve chronic pain. Other possible non-medicinal options, such as nerve stimulation therapy may reduce pain symptoms.

Some patients benefit from a routine joint, facet, or epidural injection to manage their chronic pain. The advantages of an injection to relieve pain is that it can be localized to the point of pain which can mean faster results.

Visiting a Chronic Pain Specialist

The chronic pain specialist in Santa Clarita will recommend the best treatment option based on a patient's medical history, current health, and evaluation of pain. Dr. Grewal's compassionate care allows him to listen to patients' concerns and include them in treatment decisions. Our goal is to find the best pain management option for their chronic condition and begin healing.

For more information about our chronic pain management options in Santa Clarita, contact our office at 661-288-7978. We look forward to helping you heal from your constant pain and enjoy life again.